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We worked with the team at Stanhay to craft a new brand identity and website to support their expansion as they developed their agricultural farming products.

Bold, creative and dynamic brand application across multiple brand touchpoints.

Stanhay is a world-leading manufacturer of precision seed drills. With the expansion and evolution of their company, they approached us to create a new brand identity and website that would better reflect the progressive and innovative nature of the company.

Made up of groups of highly skilled people, each with their own unique skills, Stanhay’s workforce is a true representation of the company: united by a common goal, but with each person devoting their time and expertise to specific areas. That level of dedication is reflected in the quality of their products. The website represents this by giving each section its own dedicated space—each area is given its own page rather than just adding extra pages to an existing site. This allows for clear categorisation and navigation as well as providing a distinct place for every detail about the products, from specifications to videos showing how they work in real-life situations.

Stanhay agriculture engineering brand
Agriculture brand identity and product packaging
Stanhay agriculture branding brochures

An evolved and highly modernised brand identity to support an ever-changing product range.

The design needed to adapt seamlessly from heavy-duty machinery to more intricate decals and brochures, so we created a bold and clean brand identity that still looks sharp on everything from massive drill machines to the smallest seed applicator. The Stanhay logo also acts as a symbol for the company: it's made up of groupings of smaller logos representing every division within Stanhay, making it clear.

Agriculture engineering brand
Stanhay agriculture brand product spraying
Agriculture brand close up image of engineering
Stanhay product engineering

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