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We were approached by Tiia & Craig, the founders and creators of Hilltop Forest retreat, based in the beautiful rural hilltops of Finland, to create a tranquil, playful and sophisticated brand identity and website that would support their long-term vision for their new luxury retreat.

Credits: Photography Puurovisuals

Hilltop Forest retreat logo overlaid cabin image
A brand crafted with play, authenticity and luxury throughout.

Set in the stunning rolling hills of rural Finland, Hilltop Forest launched a new retreat experience where busy metropolitans could escape the general hubbub of their lives and relax in beautiful cabins set within the hills of Hilltop, encapsulating stunning views and providing a neutral, holistic environment for people to unwind and reconnect.

Although their retreat, which features hideaway cabins, house and modern sauna facilities, are set in rural Finland, the retreats do not compromise on luxury. Instead, they are crafted with simplicity and elegance, with authentic finish touches to create balance and comfort for people looking to return to nature.


Initially, we worked with Craig and Tiia to map out their brand vision, creating an robust strategy and road map to creating a fully rounded brand that would support their vision for the future. The identity needed to clearly resonate with consumers, engaging people on their personal narrative as well as the values the brand centred itself around; quite luxury, sustainable sustainability, accessible nature and chillness. With the values mapped out, we worked to create an identity that was personable, engaging, and had a warmth and elegance to it that would inspire their visitor before, during and after their stay at the Hilltop Forest.


We created an identity that would evoke a playful, modern, warm persona that celebrated the stunning location through minimalistic illustrations and characterful typography. The identity was crafted around a bold and playful logotype that was customised with a mix of upper and lowercase terminals, symbolising the up and down motion of the hilltops. The central ‘o’ was further highlighted to give a visual nod toward the ‘top’ of the hill where the Hilltop Forest cabins and house sit. A range of hand-drawn illustrations were created to celebrate certain quirks that people could experience, including the natural topography, swinging chairs, firepits, bicycle rental and luxurious sauna, to name a few. The delicate illustrations were crafted to offset the bold logotype and typography and link to the authentic and personable nature of the Hilltop Forest. 

Primary and sub logos for the luxury retreat brand identity
The Wellness Shed hanging brand signage
Hilltop Forest Spa external signage
Hand drawn illustrations for Hilltop Forest
Brand layout example for retreat advertising
Brand advertising for Hilltop Forest luxury retreat

Luxury textural details and finishes bring the retreat brand to life

The brand colour palette drew its inspiration from nature and the luxury textural details and finishes that make the retreat a truly sophisticated and luxury experience for visitors. The mix of deep and soft tones allowed the brand the harmonise against the imagery and products that Hilltop Forest was looking to showcase. Following the creation of the brand, we then worked with the team to create a unique and inspirational website presence that clearly outlined the company's vision, highlighted the experience when staying at Hilltop Forest and allowed visitors to easily and quickly book their stay. The website was designed to be immersive, utilising breathtaking imagery and detailed shots to convey the Hilltop experience before visitors stepped foot into the retreat.

Mobile website design for Hilltop Forest retreat
Branded mugs
Hiltop Forest branded pizza boxes
Craig and tiia - founders of Hilltop forest
Hand drawn brand illustration of the Hilltop forest
Berry picking illustration for luxury retreat
Entrance signage for luxury retreat

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