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We were approached by Bakehouse Kitchens to craft a luxury brand identity that would allow them to showcase and express their quality craftsmanship and bespoke kitchen spaces in a competitive and heavily saturated marketplace.

Business cards for luxury kitchen brand Bakehouse Kitchens

Bakehouse Kitchens are pioneers in crafting luxurious kitchen spaces that enhance their clients' lives and homes.

They partner with their clients to create truly bespoke kitchen spaces, utilising the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to design exciting and unique spaces that inspire. The brand identity was designed to celebrate the company’s vision, Pioneers of luxury living, through a unique and abstract brand mark that symbolises the kitchens being at the heart of the home. The simplistic, contemporary, geometric structure combined with an elegant logotype creates a harmonious and recognisable logo. To create a sense of contrast and balance, a secondary decorative font was introduced to create a balance between content and celebrate the heritage of the brand and its location within the tranquil and historic town of Stamford.


“The simplest design is often the most effective, and this was our aim for this luxury kitchen brand identity. We utilised specialist textures to enhance the luxury nature of the identity. We created texture and depth across touchpoints by using simple copper foil elements and high-quality materials. This gave the identity an immersive feel.” – Robyn, Creative Director.

Primary Bakehouse Logo with White on Railway background
Debossed Bakehouse logo onto Railway stock
Close up of luxury exterior Bakehouse Kitchens signage
Brand layout examples for luxury kitchen brand identity, Bakehouse Kitchens
Kitchen by Bakehouse Kitchens
Advertising media for luxury kitchen brand identity, Bakehouse Kitchens
Bakehouse kitchens poster tube containing design

A brand to celebrate quality craftsmanship and luxurious materials.

Throughout the brand application, deep, luxurious tones and elegant finishing touches such as foiling and quality stock were used to celebrate the texturally diverse quality of the brand. The identity was designed to create an immersive experience for clients from start to finish across all brand touchpoints, including print & digital. Working in partnership with the Bakehouse team, we crafted a range of bespoke elements from wayfinding, exterior signage, marketing materials and bespoke gifting elements to create a lasting experience for their clients that inspires and captures their imagination.

Close up of Bkaehouse Kitchens luxury apron
Bakehouse tote bag on black chair

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