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We created a bespoke brand identity and website for a luxury interior design studio, Studio Alcove. We crafted a design that spoke with their clients and gave them the freedom to express themselves throughout their projects and brand.

Stationery design for interior design studio

Studio Alcove, launched in 2022, are a specialist interior studio. They create genuinely unique environments that celebrate their client's vision.

Emilie, the founder of Studio Alcove, has over 15 years of experience in visual arts. She is now using her expertise and knowledge to create beautiful spaces sympathetic to the environment and client.


We created an identity that celebrates beautiful angles and symmetry through a contemporary and sleek brand design. The identity uses a subtly customised logotype that sits at the heart of the brand and multiple sub-logos. The clean design complements the studio’s portfolio by keeping the focus on the interior spaces.

Brochhure design for interior design studio
Luxury business card design for interior design brand
Studio Alcove primary logo
Studio Alcove brand mark
Primary and sub logos for interior design brand identity
Embossed logo on white stock for luxury interior design brand

Simplicity paired with texture.

A large part of Emilie's skill is to layer texture. We looked to utilise contrasting fonts, colours, and textural finishes within the brand. Therefore, adding character and depth to the brand's application. We created a brand palette that ranged from deep and rich to light and airy. This allows the brand to flex depending on the space and mood the interior design is looking to create. We also introduced detailed finishes such as foiling to textural stocks to give a more tactile experience for clients. This mirrored the textural harmony that Studio Alcove looked to create within their interior spaces. We designed and developed a custom website that combines the portfolio needs with the functionality of a service-driven studio. It is a one-stop digital space for all things interior design, from project and process to inspiration and guidance.

Mobile website design for Studio Alcove
Gift card packaging and design for Studio Alcove

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