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Best Little Building Co.

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We partnered with Best Little Building Co to refresh and develop its brand identity and website presence to better reflect the growth and evolution of the company as it moved into a more diverse and innovative building company.

A refreshing identity that is simplistic in its execution.

Best Little Building Co. is a well-established and respected building company based in Rutland. They specialise in the creation and building of beautiful buildings, and over the years, they’ve gone from strength to strength, establishing themselves as a trusted partner in the development of unique properties.

As the company has grown, so have the business’s needs, and its previous identity no longer reflected the style of projects they work on or the clientele they interact with. Due to the business’s evolution, they were looking to create an identity that better reflected their persona and resonated with the high-end consumers they work with. The new identity needed to speak professionally to the discerning client while retaining a sense of personality and fun running through the team behind Best Little Building Co. The company had also expanded, developing two sister companies; Best Little Projects and Best Little Holdings, each providing their own individual services but still forming part of the wider Best Little Building Co. This meant that the new identity would need to be flexible and adaptable, keeping the same styling across the companies but provide their own sense of individuality.


Through workshops, meetups and one-to-one sessions, we developed a brand strategy that better articulated their brand’s vision, focusing on key brand persona elements such as; messaging, tone of voice, positioning and structure to create a solid base to build and develop their brand and website presence within the market. We created concise, personable and refreshing messaging, moving away from the traditional “building” talk and instead creating a playful yet professional tone that would engage their clientele on a more personable level. 

Best Little building co logo on grey background
Best Little Homes co sub-logo on grey background
Best Little projects co sub-logo on grey background
Stationery design for building brand identity
Business cards for brand
Brand brochure with black cover
Grey homes brand brochure
Marketing design and promotional brand advert
Mobile website design with two screen iamges

Colourful accents and high-quality finishes add a playful sense of luxury and texture to the brand.

Taking inspiration from the architectural shapes associated with the industry, the concept creates a minimalistic, clean and refreshing identity that is simplistic in its execution. The brand forms a natural evolution of the existing identity, championing simplicity and pops of vibrant colour to add character, as it was important to the team to maintain a link to the previous brand in some form. The design utilises a balanced stacking system in the logotype and visual application to give the brand infinite versatility and retain a strong, consistent, professional aesthetic. The refined and minimalistic design system adds transparency and confidence to the brand. The bold, colourful accents and high-quality finishes add a friendly sense of luxury and texture to the brand. The website design formed was created to be a consistent extension of the brand, creating a hyper-modern design that put imagery and bold uses of colour and typography to create dynamic layouts that both engaged and inspired their clients. The pages were designed with a structured layout, further enhancing the architectural style that is used within the brand - keeping the identity clean, consistent and professional.

Branded Jumpers
Branded hard Hat
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