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The Wine Bar

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Having garnered an exemplary reputation for the finest Wine and Gins, the team at The Wine Bar sought our help to craft a brand identity that would celebrate their expertise whilst nestling comfortably in the historic town with which they reside.

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Balance of contemporary design and heriatge interiors

Nestled in the historic town of Stamford, two new bar entrepreneurs partnered to create a new and exciting wine experience for residents and visitors.

Working closely with the two owners, we designed and developed a simplistic, tasteful and minimalist design that would partner with their contemporary interiors and compliment the vast array of wine merchants and spirit specialists they collaborate with. 

The design utilised a geometrically structured logotype that had a commanding presence but softened with delicate line illustrations to highlight each bar’s specialists. Either wine or beer. The surrounding identity utilises a rich and decadent colour palette to complement the cosy interior spaces and takes inspiration from the deep colours associated with their wines.

We worked closely with the team to ensure patrons would have an experiential and tactile experience when visiting their bars, utilising fine luxury finishes and materials such as copper to enhance menus and other touch points. This gentle combination of contemporary and classical finishes allowed us to create a visual language that would feel timeless and be both referential to contemporary and classical ears without becoming too pastiche.

Brand A-Board for The Wine Bar
Staff clothing for hospitality brand identity
Coaster design for hospitality brand

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