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We partnered with the team at Castle Farm Kent to refresh and rejuvenate their brand identity, celebrating the esteemed heritage of the company and the family-run nature of the brand.

Heritage brand sub logo on brand photography for Castle Farm
Primary heritage brand logo for Castle Farm

Castle Farm is one of the UK's largest lavender farms and had a well-established, award-winning and well-loved farm shop that specialised in creating a range of their own products including; distilled lavender oils, honey, hops, dried flowers, and apple juices (to name but a few).

Up until they approached us, they ran these two businesses together, however with the growing popularity of the farm shop, its products and lavender experiences they needed to reevaluate the company’s structure and help redefine their visitor experiences and the Castle Farm product range. Allowing them to better focus on each of the business elements and ensure a consistent and cohesive experience for their consumers. 

Working with the family team we crafted a bespoke brand strategy that would allow them to manage these two features of their business independently, but still retain a unified narrative that would allow them to celebrate the long standing brand heritage. This was essential as they formed an integral part of the Kent community. 

A key element throughout the whole process was to ensure the farm’s historical family narrative rang through to ensure that was a clear link between the land, the farm and their products. 

Castle Farm soap design branding
Castle Farm simplified brand heritage logo design
Castle Farm handwritten logo
A mix of primary and secondary heritage brand logos for Castle Farm
trations celebreating authentic heritage of the brand Castle Farm
Castle Farm illustrations moving image
Sleep Oil packaging
Sleep spray bottle packaging for Castle Farm
Bath oil packaging design
Castle farm hamper with designed product pacakging
Tea packaging design

Combing traditional design with contemporary brand execution to celebrate the authentic heritage of Castle Farm

We crafted a design in collaboration with Caroline, the key driving force behind the award-winning farm shop due to her multiple gold-winning floral displays at the Chelsea Flower Show and author, as Caroline is a keen illustrator we wanted this to form a central part of the brand visual narrative. Linking the brand on a personable, historical and visual basis. The identity was designed to harmoniously balance a heritage brand feel with contemporary execution, symbolising the transition from old to new. We created a unique brand mark and range of sub-brand logos with a mix of illustration and typography, which represented the multiple services the farm provides from; the farm shop, to lavender field experiences and locations for filming and photography that can be rented. It was essential that they had their own ownable space, but still maintained the styling of the main brand to keep maintain a consistent experience for visitors and consumers. We then carefully curated a brand colour palette that celebrated the natural colours of the land, with a mix of neutral and bold colours to be applied across the brand in different forms.

tote bag design with illustrated logo
tote bag with primary castle farm logo
Tissue wrapping paper design for heritage brand, Castle Farm
Mailing product packaging for castle farm
Tissue paper and apron design for castle farm
Sub brand logos for Castle farm

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